Pilates Studio/Reformer Classes in Montmorency

Initial Consultation

An Initial consultation is required for new clients before joining Studio sessions. It is a private session where information is gathered about your medical and fitness history. Postural analysis and muscle testing is also undertaken. You are introduced to the principles and fundamentals of the Pilates method and you will become familiarised with some Pilates equipment and props.

Studio Sessions

Pilates studio sessions may involve the use of a trapeze table pilates reformer, wundachair, ladder barrel, spine corrector, fitball, foam roller, dura discs, therabands, chi balls and spikey massage balls.

Sessions will focus upon client’s goals and needs.

Things to know

  • Please wear comfortable exercise clothing. It is advisable to wear clothing that enables freedom of movement yet not too baggy that it affects the Teacher ’s ability to check movement and form.
  • Clean socks are also recommended for hygiene reasons as Pilates is done without shoes.
  • Please also bring along your own water bottle.


Class Details
Online Mat Pilates
Casual – $22 per class

$19 per class with school term payment
All Sessions
Are by appointment only
Must be paid on or prior to the day

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