Mat Pilates

Small group Pilates Classes in Montmorency suitable for all ages & fitness

The Pilates Mat class is an opportunity to really focus upon increasing awareness of posture, alignment, the use of breath, engagement of pelvic floor muscles and strengthening the core (the deep abdominal and back muscles). Strengthening the core provides the foundation of movement.
Pilates mat classes teach the importance of maintaining neutral spine, improves core and shoulder stability, increases flexibility, improves balance, mobilises your spine and hips, eases tension, tones thighs and butts and strengthens the body and mind. These classes are invaluable in making day to day tasks and sports easier.

At Aspire, our Pilates Mat group class is limited to six people to allow for personalised instruction in a safe environment.

Mat classes may also incorporate small props such as therabands and magic circles to include a strength component and to enhance mobility.

Notice the difference in your body after just one month of coming along to a Pilates Mat class once per week!

School/Student & Workplace / Corporate Mat Classes

Aspire Pilates currently runs Pilates Mat classes at schools/colleges and in the workplace.

For schools, classes may be run before, during or after school for teachers and staff or during school for students as part of their school curriculum.

Staff classes focus upon stress release, encouraging relaxation, increasing self-awareness and improving posture.

Pilates for Kids

Pilates is a great means of increasing kids’ mindfulness, improving posture, increasing flexibility and strength, enhancing sport performance and preventing injuries, releasing stress and improving concentration.

It is an ideal adjunct to maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. It is also a great way of rectifying poor posture from prolonged sitting and standing (upper and lower back problems, tense shoulders and neck and headaches).

Kids classes also run for 45 minutes with a maximum of 10 kids.

All our Pilates Teachers are fully certified, have obtained Level 2 Senior First Aid certificate, working with children certificate and have Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Make a difference in the health & wellbeing of your students, colleagues or employees by contacting Aspire Pilates now to discuss a group class at your school/college or workplace

Class Details
Online Mat Pilates
Casual – $22 per class

$19 per class with school term payment
All Sessions
Are by appointment only
Must be paid on or prior to the day

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